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Retro and Classic Speakers
Our first products to market are the MA6P Retro and Classic loudspeakers. Based on the Markaudio Alpair 6P paper coned mini widerange driver, these are reasonably sensitive speakers at around 86dB @ 1Watt. Suitable for use with low power valve (tube), Class-D, Gainclone (Chip-amp) amplifiers or, our own wireless server (Piccolo) with built in power amp, these speakers will give a detailed and musical presentation, easily capable of revealing the qualities of a good system.
With a bass response rolling-off below 60Hz, they are not going to shake your world. While not providing the ultimate solution for a larger home-theatre setup, they will shine in smaller rooms and apartments, where the listener's main concern is a satisfying musical presentation at realistic listening levels.
Both models are bass reflex designs. The rear ported versions are more suitable to stand mounting, rather than positioning on a shelf. If this version of the speakers is used on a shelf, it is best to have at least 30cm of ‘clean air’ behind them to allow the bass to ‘breath’. We recommend adjusting the angle of the speakers in regards to the listening position to suit. This enables tailoring of the high frequency response to personal tastes, and helps with the focusing of the stereo image that a quality single widerange driver is capable of producing.
The uniquely shaped cabinet of the Retro is lovingly built from Birch Ply, and finished with hand applied natural oils and waxes. The Classic is built from New Zealand pine, again hand finished in natural oils and waxes. Both versions are offered in a limited range of colours obtained using natural stains. At this time Blonde, Japan Brown and Japan Black are the available shades. The speakers are supplied with matching removable wooden grills, magnetically held in place over the driver. This grill should be removed by gently sliding it across the drivers face until the magnetic grip is lost, then carefully lifted away. While it is possible to listen with the grills attached, the main reason for their inclusion is purely to protect the delicate drivers from small fingers, sharp objects, and vacuum cleaner hoses. For critical listening the grills should be removed, as they increase the high frequency roll-off of the speaker above 10Khz.
At Wertheim Audio, we believe the handmade Retro and Classic models will give an introduction to the world of the audiophile at the reasonable price of AUD $595 a pair. They are more than capable of conveying the enjoyment and rhythm of a well recorded musical performance, and are able to present an 'acoustic-image' with width, depth, and height within your room when partnered with equipment of suitable quality.
We hope you will enjoy them, as much as we enjoy creating them. 
Japan Brown
Japan Black
 Japan Black
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